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Why is Newsletter So Important?

It does the selling and reminding of Tech-Talk for you!

2. DATABASE  (1,000+)

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Technology, Communications, Leadership

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Technology, Communications, Leadership


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  • Make sure the library staff gets the Newsletter.
  • Ask patrons if they’d like to get it during tech classes.
  • Put up a sign/flyer for patrons to receive the newsletter.

Show Patrons/Staff

  • How to Search in different ways
  • How to translate in 100+ languages
  • How to find Learning Activities

Alert Everyone

  • Get it in the App Store
  • Also in Google Play (Android)
  • Get notifications of new items

Invite Folks

  • www.Tech-Talk.com/webinars
  • Remind them they can request topics
  • Recordings and live, highly interactive sessions

What Can You Do To Get Everyone Using Tech-Talk?

the number 1

Send Everyone the NEWSLETTER!

It’s an email they come to love!
the number 2

Find ways to get people into the DATABASE

Use a demo, show the video, give staff an assignment.
the number 3

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Get the STAFF Excited!

Share Tech-Talk content creatively.


  • Assign staff articles to read that will help the library succeed.
  • Share one tip idea during each staff meeting.
  • Ask individuals to present a learning activity, e.g. treasure hunt or tool kit.
  • Incorporate topics in new volunteer / new hire orientations.
  • Allow for continuing education credit.

Resources For You

  • Subscriber Tools for promoting Tech-Talk (video, flyers, bookmarks, brochure, infographic)
  • 50 Article Challenge, We Are Raising Leaders – Students train adults (seniors, vets, etc) in technology using the Tech-Talk Database. They get different colored t-shirts for each 10 sessions they do, recognition online and a Chromebook to keep when completed 50 sessions.
  • Tracking –Baseline for comparative data: 1) Database logins, 2) Webinar registrations and attendance.

Want to Use the Welcome Video in Your Organization?

You can use the Welcome Video  at the top of the page to share with your staff and patrons to get them interested in Tech-Talk. There are four technological ways you can share it:

Newsletters, Email and Training


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