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CANVA: New Features for Docs & Presentations

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Let’s explore the NEW features to make your DOCUMENTS and PRESENTATIONS interactive and eye-catching.

We’ll check out CANVA’s VISUAL DOCS and how you can embed graphs, videos, and other rich visual elements into your blank page.

We’ll take a peek at the new MAGIC WRITE and ways to elevate your presentations to a cinematic level.

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CREATE and EDIT PDFs Using New Tools and Techniques

Wednesday, April 26, 3 pm (ET)/12 pm (PT) More…

Discover ideas and resources for working with PDFs.  Create PDFs from various types of files.  Convert from PDFs to Word, Excel, etc. Determine how a PDF will open for viewing & editing. Edit PDFs with highlighting, text edits, new pages and more.

Discover free and low-cost tools and what each offer. We’ll also introduce how to do more advanced things with PDFs such as Fillable PDF forms and Interactive PDFs.

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How to Organize and Move Photos from your Phone to your Computer

Wednesday, May 17, 3 pm (ET)/12 pm (PT) More…

Do you battle with no extra space on your phone because it’s filled with photos and videos? Or maybe you need to learn how to move pictures from your phone to your computer. We’ve got options for you!

In this webinar, we’ll look at how much space you have on your phone and how to free some up because (usually) pictures are hogging it all. Then we’ll go through how to move media from your phone to your computer using cloud storage (and syncing options) or transfer files, pictures and video with a USB cord.

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How to Create Gorgeous TABLES in a Word Document

Wednesday, May 24, 3 pm (ET)/12 pm (PT) More…

This webinar covers everything from the basics of TABLES in WORD (and G-Docs) such as when to use a table (vs. a spreadsheet) and two different ways to create a table … to more advanced like how to easily move from table to text (or the reverse: text to table) and adding colorful backgrounds.

Techniques include splitting cells horizontally, changing margins, and working with borders. Learn to fix problems with overflowing tables, headers on every page, and sorting & calculating.

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Understanding Your Options in Cloud Storage and How to Find Your Files Easily

Wednesday, June 14, 3 pm (ET)/12 pm (PT) More…

OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive …”Oh my!”

Are you trying to figure out what is the best choice for storing your documents, videos and pictures online … and be able to find them later?

In this webinar we’ll look at the pros and cons of several platforms and how to navigate within these valuable tools.

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EXCEL: Linking Data and Text Between Documents to Auto Update

Wednesday, June 28, 3 pm (ET)/12 pm (PT) More…

Want to insert financial data into a report and have it be accurate with the latest calculations?

Need to link a spreadsheet to another one, but in a different workbook?

Whether you are using MS Office or G-Suite, auto updating of formulas and text can make your life easier and save you time.

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