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34 Must-Have Web Tools That Make Work Easier and More Fun

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There is a wide variety of really cool web tools that you can find in the Tech-Talk database and mobile app. We’ll introduce you to a few in these areas:
– Planning and Calendar
– Productivity and Graphics
– Communication and Writing
– Creativity and Other Interesting Tools

15 Internet Search Techniques 96% of People Don’t Know About

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Find C.A.R.S. Checklist

There’s an art of searching the web. Sure anyone can put in a few words and find something … the browsers are pretty smart. But there are clever methods and a few cool tools that will give you even better results.

Google Classroom, Getting Started

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  • Setting up a Classroom
  • Creating classes
  • Giving assignments
  • Navigating the tabs
  • Engagement activities

Google Suite: Apps and Tools Galore

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An introduction to the Google Suite (G-Suite):

  • Storing
  • Sharing
  • Collaborating with files
  • Tips for using some features