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Working with SnagIt to Capture Screens and Edit Images (BASIC)

Download Handout Here

This low cost, one-time purchase of graphic editing software is a staple for many. (We use it so many times in a given day, we can’t count that high.)

In this beginner class you will:
– Learn how to create a screen capture
– Explore ways to edit your capture (or any image) and add callouts, arrows, speech bubbles, and more.
– Show you ideas to edit images including adding a blur, using color replacement, and changing the perspective.

In Windows 10, Create Videos with Photos App

Download Handout Here

If you have Windows 10, you’re in for a surprise when it comes to having a ready-made video creation and editing tool at your fingertips. Learn what cool things you can do.

Creating VIDEO on the Run

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There are a lot of different ways to create video these days because movement is the name of the game. See several methods for making use of this type of media which are quick and simple.

*Please also refer to this article on using the Windows 10 Photo App to make videos. Since this webinar was published, we’ve learned more about using this cool tool (where to save your media so that it makes it much easier to make an “automatic” video).

Getting Started Using Canva
(Part 1)

Download Handout Here
  • Finding our way around the editor
  • Picking a design template
  • Uploading images, changing fonts, adding shapes
  • Downloading your designs

Graphic Design Using Canva (Part 2)

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Look like a graphic designer using Canva

  • Tips to make eye-catching designs
  • Creating Teams
  • Sharing Designs / Folders
  • Using Music and Videos
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Color Palette Generator