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How Managers Become Great Leaders …and How Team Members Can Thrive Despite Weak Leadership

Six Questions You Should Discuss
With Your Manager

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Blank Worksheet

Whether it’s a new task, project or your regular job, the ability to succeed depends on having a discussion that includes these six questions.

It doesn’t matter who starts the conversation. What counts is getting the answers on the table instead of both people assuming that these critical components are understood.

Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

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Learn key phrases to deal with difficult situations to prevent problems and gain consensus.

These techniques have proven time and again to work so that tensions are reduced, leaving people feeling respected and valued.

Tips to Present, And Participate In, a Zoom Meeting

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Tips and tricks for making the zoom meetings you attend and any you may host, be effective and engaging, including:

  • Communication protocols so everyone can hear and participate
  • Adding a background picture instead of what the camera sees
  • Using the built-in feedback and engagement tools

Become a Power Communicator

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  • Write Professionally So Others Notice
  • Be More Compelling With Text
  • Gain Clarity in Difficult Situations
  • Build Trust with Words, Phrases and Techniques
  • Gain Agreement, Be Persuasive