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AUGUST:  Starting the Fall With a Bang

  • SEPTEMBER: Stress-Free File Organizing
  • OCTOBER: Social Media Choices – Which is Best?
  • NOVEMBER: Web Tools We Love and Can’t Live Without
  • DECEMBER: Getting Rid of the Winter Doldrums 
  • JANUARY: Playing with Graphics, Inside Where It’s Warm
  • FEBRUARY: Hearts, Love and Relationship Building at Work
  • MARCH: Gadgets and Gidgets That Make Life Worth Living
  • APRIL: Spring Flowers, Showers and More
  • MAY: Surprising Shortcuts
  • JUNE: Presentations for Divas
  • JULY: Protection from the Sun and Digital Demons

One-Minute Videos
(Tips and Tricks)

IDEAS:  Run on a public LED screen. Show at a staff meeting. Use with a Student Orientation.

Current Topics:

  • WINDOWS:  Lost Cursor
  • EXCEL:  Freeze Panes
  • POWERPOINT: Auto-Crop Images
  • OFFICE: Format Painter
  • More to come… (Suggest a Topic)

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Each 10-Minute video guides you to specific Tech-Talk articles that are helpful, fun and important!


Start the Fall With a Bang

Three things you can do to thrive and succeed at work or school.

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After Labor Day in the US, we get down to business.  Here are three things you can do to make your work environment work well.

  • Develop a set of Communication Principles
  • Blame the Process, Not the Person
  • Cleaning Out Your Email Tricks