What Subscribers are Saying…

BOCES District

“It’s like a little Christmas present in your email every week.”

Michele P.
Buffalo, NY

Medical Library

“After I left the webinar I thought, Wow, I learned all these things in the last hour. I should have done this 5 years ago, 10 years ago.”

Rebecca W.
Central NY

Academic Library

“I am so-o-o-o impressed with Tech-Talk.”

C. Driscoll
Niagara Falls, NY

Public Library

“Awesome idea! Very Useful!! Excellent explanations and resources!!”


Library System

“You have been awesome helping me to figure this out.”

Anne J. Clinton-Essex
Franklin Library System

County Services

“These communications tips are important in developing management skills.”

B. Arriola
Ada County, ID

Media Specialist

“Because I have repeated “OOH!” and “Ah-ha” moments with Tech-Talk, I realize I’m not as advanced as I’d like.”

Grace Roddenbach
Sarasota, FL

Hillsborough County

“I always learn something from reading it. I especially liked this week’s Communications (Ask for “One”)”

Tracey Sweet
St. Petersburg, FL

School Media Support

“It’s just about the only newsletter I actually read! It really is valuable!”

J. Patterson
Tonawanda, NY

High School Library

“It’s not just product knowledge, it’s integrated into your work. That’s what I like about it!”

Nancy G.
Cobleskill, NY

Public Relations

“I really appreciate the thoroughness of these … and the simple language, so you ‘get it’.”

Marnie L.
Corning, NY

School Media Specialists

“We’re very excited about how this helps us in our role as education leaders for our districts.”

K. Doelger
Malone, NY

School Support Services

“People with different degrees of experience can still walk away with something useful!”

Andrea Dorker
Auburn, NY

Library Resource Council

“Tech-Talk gets a higher open rate than our own newsletter.”

Mary-Carol Lindbloom
Ithaca, NY

Library Association

“The same day I sent out a particular Tech-Talk tip, two of my staff told me they used it to assist patrons.”

Cynthia Leigh Welch
Yazoo City, MI

Library Network

“Your Tech-Talks are going wild. We’re getting great feedback on them!”

Luly Castro
Ft. Myers, FL

Educational Services

“I look forward to the communications tips … they blow your mind.”

R. Turner
Orlean, NY

State Library Services

“Just want to let you know that these are really, really interesting and useful!”

Beth G.
Tallahassee, FL

Small Business

“Many thanks … I spent hours of frustration trying to figure this out before this great article.”

Munro Sherrill
Bradenton, FL

Educational Services

“We really love your service and receive many compliments on the Tech-Talk tips!”

Karen Mitchell
Rochester, NY

City Government

“Awesome – it worked! You have saved me many moments of frustration!!”

Barb Rathmell
City of Fernandina Beach, FL

Library Network

“We get unsolicited, positive comments on Tech-Talk all the time.”

Jeannette Smithee
Boca Raton, FL

District School System

“In the grand scheme of things, it’s a pretty inexpensive way to meet our district’s needs.”

Donna Morris
Rochester, NY