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TECH-TALK helps busy professionals increase productivity and develop critical workforce skills:  interpersonal communications and office computing.

[See recent IDC research.]

Receive fresh ideas each week … innovative ways to use technology and communicate better.


How TECH-TALK works:
Step #1: You receive a weekly email with fresh ideas for staying current and relevant with technology … and for becoming a better communicator.

Step #2: You forward these ARTICLES and VIDEOS to your entire staff.  Every week they feel that extra support by you.

Step #3:  Your organization gets the appreciation. People stop you in the hallway or send you notes saying how valuable they found a particular topic.

Simple. Effective. Affordable.

PenniesPricing.  You pick the level of service … based on the number of email addresses who will receive TECH-TALK from you.

There’s more!

Demo will show you what else you get with TECH-TALK.  Contact Us.

Want to create a Purchase Order?  We’ll send a quote and a sole source document. (Tech-Talk material is 100% proprietary.)

How about a Free Trial to see how your staff likes TECH-TALK?  Give us a call, we’ll make it happen!  [email protected]  941-355-2092.