Staff Tutorials (A Checklist) for Tech-Talk

How to Get Staff Fully Engaged

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Ten (10) Things Tech-Talk Users Should Know…

1. What you can do on the Tech-Talk HOME PAGE

The Tech-Talk HOME PAGE offers you several ways to explore this website.

  1. Scan the blue navigation bar at the top, noting the Learning Activities tab.
  2. Sign up to get one new tip sent to you each week.
  3. Use the four (4) search boxes to find what you need.
  4. Scroll down for the most recent articles in 3 areas … we use technology to communicate and lead!
  5. Click on the New to Tech-Talk area for getting started.

2. Where to find the one-minute video ABOUT Tech-Talk

The one-minute video ABOUT Tech-Talk gives you a quick overview.

  • How you can benefit from this technology for non-techies
  • The different ways to get to the Tech-Talk information
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3. How to BROWSE by popular tech categories

You can BROWSE by popular tech categories. In the Search by Topic box they’ll find…

  •   Email, Gmail, Outlook
  •   Excel / Google Sheets
  •   Google and Internet
  •   Graphics and Media
  •   Hardware and Software
  •   PowerPoint / Google Slides
  •   Social Media
  •   Web Design
  •   Web Tools and Websites
  •   Word / Google Docs
video on searching Tech-Talk

4. What goodies you’ll find in the LEARNING ACTIVITIES tab

They can discover fun ways to LEARN with different ACTIVITIES in this section.  They’ll find…

Read, Watch and Do with…

  • Business Tools Kits
  • Education Tool Kits
  • Communication Tool Kits
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Webinars (Live and Recorded)

Specialty Topics

  • First Steps and Basics for Non-Techies
  • Protection and Recovery articles
  • Formatting in Word, Excel, PPT
  • Research Steps and Job Hunting
  • Quick Reference Guides (One-Sheets)
Video about Learning Activities

5. How to find info on JOB hunting, resumes, interviews

6. How to find what you need through SEARCHING

There are several ways to find what you need by SEARCHING in Tech-Talk.

  • Search by KEYWORD (or WORDS).
  • Search by TOPIC (or CATEGORY).
  • Search through COMMON PROBLEMS.
  • Ask A Question button.
video on searching Tech-Talk

7. How you can get weekly TIPS

Signing up for the Tech-Talk NEWSLETTER has several benefits! Every week…

  • You’ll get a new tip … a tech surprise you didn’t know existed.
  • You’ll be reminded that you have the website to help them at any time.
Get Tips Sent to You Directly

8. How to watch or participate in LIVE Webinars

In the Tech-Talk webinars, attendees ask questions.  Recordings are available, organized in four categories.

  • Internet, Google, Social Media
  • Windows and Office
  • Graphics, Video, Audio
  • Interpersonal and Work Skills
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9. What you can discover in POPULAR PROBLEMS

15 collections, each with the five best articles we wrote to solve the issue. You’ll find topics covering…

  • Email, Gmail, Outlook
  • Working in Word, Excel, PPT
  • Graphics and Web Tools
  • Organizing and Windows 10

10. How to get access through MOBILE APP (Cell phone)

No matter where you are (home, office or on the road), you can get access to the Tech-Talk website.

  • Apple and Android
  • Find it in their App Store
  • Find it as: Tech-Talk