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if you ever considered giving your patrons access to Tech-Talk!

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  • How it’s easy to understand and totally responsive to your requests.
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We constantly look for ways to help you.

For instance, we created this for you:  “AI Checklist”

And we’re offering 30% off the first year of Tech-Talk for Patrons, Students, Faculty.

Lock-in the 30% off price now, simply by telling us that you’re interested.  Then take the time you need to talk with others and decide if this is for you.  No worries, you’ll have reserved this discounted price for your organization.

here’s an innovative, easy to undersand “checklist” of items for AI What it is and How to Use It!


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Limited-Time Offer

this limited-time offer is 30% off the first year.  (Yes, we can pro-rate to fit your fiscal year.)

What is the Price?

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