Scavenger Hunt Directions: “Create an Infographic”

Create an infographic that can be posted online or used with a print document.


  1. Learn what is special about an infographic. Decide how you’ll use it and where you’ll put it because it drives the shape and format. Pick your concept or story. (Search by Keyword: infographic)
  1. Find good data, facts or info to use. You want to mix some text and data with strong images to convey your story / message. (Search by Keyword: using quotes)
  1. Get your images ready. Find or create images to support your story. (Search by Keyword: free images)
  1. Identify a “Call to Action”. What do you want the reader to do when they see the infographic? Share it on social media?  Attend an event?   (Search by Keyword: call to action)
  1. Choose which templates you will use and pick a theme. An easy tool to use online (free) is Select which type you will create. (Search by Keyword: infographic)
  1. Design the infographic. Add a title, key in the data, add text, change colors (optional), add an image(s), include a link for a call to action.
  1. Trivia Challenge. Go to THIS LINK to see how many trivia points you get. You’ll know the answers from reading the articles above.
  1. Want to submit your infographic to be considered for the Tech-Talk Wall of Fame? (Send to

Criteria for Getting Posted to the Tech-Talk Wall of Fame

  • Successfully use all elements in the Scavenger Hunt.
  • Convey an overall message that others will enjoy.
  • Artistically created so that the poster is pleasing to view.