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Treasurer Hunt Directions: “PivotTable”

An exercise to build skills and apply them in a real-life situation.

DIRECTIONS: You’ll create a PivotTable that can be used to analyze data. You’ll be using ONE of the Tech-Talk Database articles telling all about Pivot Tables. You will also watch a tutorial by Microsoft which you will find in your Excel program. 

1. Go to

2. Search by the Keywords:  pivot table
You’ll use info in this article for all steps below.

3. Watch Microsoft’s “First Time” tutorial.

  • See how Microsoft explains the new concepts and how a pivot table is created.
  • To find the tutorial, in Excel: go to File, New, “Make Your First Pivot Table”

4. Identify the spreadsheet in which you want to create a pivot table.

  • Find where the data is you want to analyze.
  • Be sure you’ve read the Tech-Talk article on pivot tables for ideas.

5. Create a list of questions that you want to be answered about your data.

  • Write down a list of possible questions you want answered.
  • Think what you want to know about the data.

6. Open the spreadsheet with the data you want to analyze.

  • Make sure each column has a header
  • Be sure that the data is clean and complete so that your analysis is accurate.
  • For instance, if the column asks for subscriber type, ensure consistency. e.g. Instead of Director, Library Direction, Executive Director… make them all the same: Director.

7. Create a pivot table

  • Within your open spreadsheet, choose Insert, Pivot Table or Recommended PivotTables. 
  • You’ll find it in a separate worksheet with your workbook. (Watch Excel: Make Your First Pivot Table.)

8. Hey, do you want to see how much you learned?

  • Take the TRIVIA CHALLENGE.  See how many questions you get.
  • You’ll find the answers in the articles above.