Root Cause of Problems: The Process

[COMMUNICATE] You know that we write new articles each week and send them out to you, right? That’s 52 mailings a year so it stands to reason, we’re going to make a mistake now and then, wouldn’t you agree?

For instance, one time we put the wrong logo into the top banner (oops!). That’s not good. So you might think we would find out who is responsible and ask them to be more careful.

Surprise! That’s not the best solution.

What if the issue were much bigger? Perhaps it was lost files, a dissatisfied customer or an unnecessary expense. It would be so easy (and human) to blame the person who “caused” the problem.

But if you don’t want it to happen again … blame the process. And then fix it!

Examine the situation and figure out how you can adjust the underlying process to give you greater comfort in its reliability.

People will make mistakes. It’s human nature, so beef up the process to alleviate future problems. In our logo case, we changed the order in which we produced the co-branded banners, reducing the likelihood of making this same mistake again.

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  1. floridalibrarystaff November 7, 2018 at 9:41 am

    I love it that the suggestion isn’t to blame the person. Yes, we are all human and sometimes things happen. Giving each other grace can be a great thing that builds relationships in a positive way.

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