Teambuilding and meeting engagement can be a challenge – whether you’re onsite, in a classroom or holding a hybrid event. We’ll show you a variety of free tools that will help with building trust and innovation when working in a virtual room.  Soften fatigue and make sessions more enjoyable. Some of the items we’ll cover:

  • Armored Penguin and PPT/Google Games
  • Polls and Chat
  • Puzzles and Info Tools
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See Parking Lot Q & A below the video!

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Q & A Parking Lot

display of word search puzzle with individual letters in columns

Wordsearch Display Issue Fix

  • Run the tool to generate the puzzle.
  • Highlight and copy the puzzle (the letters).
  • Paste in a spreadsheet. All the letters come out evenly spaced!
  • TIP: You can make a solid border with the surrounding rows and columns.

How to Use in Zoom

Share the Wordsearch grid as above.  Either in teams or individually, see who can find a word first.  When someone finds it, they the answer in Chat, using the location of the first letter (e.g. H11) and the map direction for the remaining letters (e.g. NE) for thumb. Variation:  Assign one word to each person and see who comes in 1st, 2nd, 3rd. This may also be a time to take off the mute and have people speak up when they find a solution!

Clever Ideas for Using BingoBaker.com

In addition to using this tool to input a group’s brainstorming ideas:

  • “I can imagine making the bingo card ahead of time with buzzwords to listen for in my presentation.” (Rebecca)
  • “It would be fun for a book group.” (Becky)
  • “I can see using it as a post learning activity.” (Kim)