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Everyone gets access to our awesome webinars
when you have a Tech-Talk license.

The interactive and engaging teaching style we use
has participants excited about what they’re learning
and confident with their new understanding and skills.

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In Both Product Packages

Newsletter Publication or Database Membership

Webinars Are Available in 4 Major Categories

A list of webinars

How People Sign Up For Webinars

Webinars Listed in Newsletter

Every week, the list of upcoming webinars is at the top of the Tech-Talk Newsletter. Just click through and register.

Webinars In the Database

You can login to the Tech-Talk Membership site and find the scheduled webinars, the registration links and all the recorded sessions that provide a wealth of information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On which devices will the mobile app be available?2018-12-10T20:35:40-05:00

The Tech-Talk Mobile App will be available for all three types of devices: Apple iPhones, Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Is each article and video unique or are there multiple articles on the same topic?2018-12-10T20:35:12-05:00

Every week a new and current article is written (in-house) on a unique topic.  There are no duplicates.  Occasionally there will be an article that adds more detail to a previous one or shows another slant for using a particular feature.  When that occurs we refer the reader to the companion article as well.

Can alumni and patrons use the Tech-Talk Database at work?2018-12-10T20:34:49-05:00

Yes, these workplace skills (technology and communications) are available to your organization’s students, alumni and patrons for as long as the Tech-Talk license is active. People can log into the Database from any online location or look it up on their Mobile App.

How do you handle authentication?2018-12-10T20:34:24-05:00

We work closely with each institution to ensure authentication meets your requirements. We also provide you with an auto-login link that you use throughout your website so that users click just once to discover this gift you’ve offered.  We also make it easy for students, alumni and patrons to login from wherever they are online.

How is Tech-Talk different from LinkedIn Learning?2023-06-20T08:55:34-04:00

Tech-Talk and LinkedIn Learning are complementary products. LinkedIn Learning offers a vast array of courses on all types of topics for individuals looking for training. Tech-Talk, on the other hand, pushes out micro-training on a singular topic each week to introduce ideas which most folks did not know existed.

  • This new and freshly-written material feeds our specialized, up-to-date database of 2000+articles and videos, helping individuals be more effective in the workplace.
  • Our corresponding mobile app gets more people engaged and allows immediate access to solve workforce challenges.

Tech-Talk pricing is pleasingly different as well.  We want Tech-Talk to be a household name in the workplace … and a client forever … so the cost reflects that. We work with you to find a price that slips easily into your budget so that hardly even notice it.

What is Tech-Talk?2018-12-10T20:32:52-05:00

Tech-Talk is an inspirational, educational and motivational learning resource about technology and communications for non-techies.  It’s designed to help everyone at work feel like a hero.

It features three components.

1. Tech-Talk Publication … articles written in-house on: 1) a variety of technology topics (Microsoft, Google, Internet …. Graphics, Video, Social Media, etc.) and 2) communication tips (talking, writing, presenting and more).  The publication is sent out weekly to subscribing organizations, who then forward it to their  respective list(s) of members, users and subscribers.

How do you get the publication? If you want the Tech-Talk newsletter, make sure you’re on the subscribing organization’s list.


2. Tech-Talk Database … 967+ technology and communication posts, sorted by category and skill level, available 24 x 7 x 365 to answer problems and suggest innovative solutions.  The database is dynamic with the new publication articles added each week, along with maintaining a constant vigilance to ensure every item is up-to-date and current.

How do you get access to the database?  Go to Tech-Talk.com. Click on Member Login. Use the Subscribing Organization’s username and password.


3. Tech-Talk Mobile App … Every user of a subscribing organization can download the mobile app and have this handy content at their finger tips throughout the day. It’s provided as part of the subscription.  Both Android and Apple platforms are supported. The app is available for smartphones and tablets.

How do you get the mobile app? Find Tech-Talk in the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android Marketplace). You will have a one-time login required. Use the subscribing organization’s username and password.

TIP:  There are NO individual user accounts … each subscribing organization has ONE username / password for everyone to use.


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