[COMMUNICATE] When you’re talking, are you communicating? If you write a report or a diary notation, does that simple act constitute communication?

Think about it. Can you communicate by yourself? Surely you can communicate with yourself! But can one person actually communicate alone?

The Latin origin of “communicate” is common. That implies more than one. Sharing, imparting, discussing … all words that often describe the mean of communication.

And what do these have in common? An understanding that two or more entities are involved.

That leads us to our belief that effective communications is always a two-way process.

That means that even when one person is doing all the talking, the other person(s) has to be actively listened for communication to have occurred Otherwise, it’s just noise.

Remember then, when you’re responsible for communicating an important message, that it’s two way. Be aware of the receiving side … to do what you can to make sure they are able to hear, understand and respond.