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We know every school (and every school budget) is unique. Choose a level from the List below or use it as a guide to Name Your Own.  Yes, that’s right … you tell us what works for you!  We want to do our share to get rid of that pesky digital divide.

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  • FIRST, find your served population level.
  • THEN, choose either
    • DATABASE PLUS. Unlimited use of the Tech-Talk membership (Database, Newsletter, Webinars … and Mobile App). OR
    • NEWSLETTER DIRECT.  Database Plus package, plus Newsletter Direct sign-up and distribution.* OR
    • WHOLE SHEBANG. Database Plus package, Newsletter Direct, and Co-Branding of the weekly newsletter.

YES, whichever is your choice, it includes all Tech-Talk content (Newsletter, Database, Webinars … and Mobile App)

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*NOTE: Newsletter Direct gives your users the ability to sign up for the Newsletter on your Tech-Talk Home Page … and have it sent directly to them … by us.

Larger Schools … Contact Us For Pricing 

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Yes, credit cards are accepted. Just contact us and we’ll send a unique link you can use.

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