Tech-Talk Database Pricing

“Name Your Own”


Choose a Price That Tucks Nicely Into A Pocket of Your Budget

Pick something so reasonable that you won’t even blink when it comes time for renewal! 

Two Important Considerations

1. Our Prices Don’t Change!

  • We’ve had only one minor price increase in 20 years (triggered by the increase of costs in creating videos to go with every single issue).
  • We like being the best deal in town.  You can count on the price remaining the same for many, many years.

2. You Could be Eligible for Pilot Pricing

  • For a limited time, we are making special arrangements with individual libraries to lock in a pilot price rate. (A “name-your-own” approach.)
  • In exchange, pilot libraries work with us as we develop innovative ways to increase engagement and use with the Tech-Talk Database … and databases in general.  We do the work (videos, webinars, mobile app interactions). You give us ideas and feedback.

“My favorite Tech-Talk so far is “Make Your Key Message POP”. I like to play around with text and photos in PowerPoint a lot and I felt I’ve gotten everything I could from it, but I didn’t know I could do things like that! It’s a fun way to keep my presentation clean and still catch an eye.”

~ Brooke Ann, a University Student

You Get High Value With the Database Package

For Public and Academic Libraries…
a training-on-demand product

  • We create a one-click login just for your organization.
  • Your institution’s name and logo is “front and center”.
  • Students, patrons, alumni login from anywhere.
  • Individuals search the database to solve problems.
  • Faculty and trainers use the content to enrich studies.
  • Everyone continually sees this resource is from you.
  • Your organization gets the recognition and gratitude!

You also get…

  • The Mobile App which has a co-branded login for your organization (your name & logo)
  • The Email Publication (generic) which you can send to: 1) faculty, 2) staff, 3) students, 4) alumni
  • An Option to have the publication co-branded every week
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Founders’ Message

Linda Keefe

In our 57 years combined of technology training experience, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating relevant and useful content to help aspiring adults and youth succeed in the workplace.  We really want to bring tools and techniques to libraries and other educational organizations, so that your students, patrons and members can develop confidence, self-reliance and pride as they become smart, tech-savvy non-techies.

Deborah Davis