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Publication Package Pricing

For Continuing Education Providers…
a push, micro-training product

  • We create new articles and videos each week.
  • We add your organization’s name and logo.
  • We email the publication to you or your designee.
  • You forward them to your list.
  • People see this publication comes from you.
  • You get the appreciation and thanks!

You also get…

  • The Online Database, rich with 900+ articles and videos, searchable in multiple ways, with a single login username and password for the organization.
  • The Mobile App, using the same login as the publication so that they remember this gift is from you.
  • An Option to have the publication co-branded every week for an additional fee.

Choose Your Price Level!

  1. Identify the TOTAL number of people you wish to serve.
  2. This is the size of your EMAIL LIST or your FTE count.
  3. The price you see is the total ANNUAL cost, covering everyone in the level you select.

How Do I Calculate the Price Level?

  • How many folks will ultimately receive this training?
  • Is your list likely to forward it to their respective areas,
  • You may wish to count the total number of ultimate recipients or users. (Example: A Branch Manager forwards it to all staff and uses Tech-Talk content to train them throughout the year.)

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