NOTE: These are options in Microsoft 365 and PowerPoint Online

  • Turn a Word doc into a Powerpoint instantly.
  • Automatically create slides from your agenda’s bulleted list.
  • Rehearse speaking your presentation with the Presenter Coach feature and get valuable feedback.
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This handout is a Media Alternative to Video

  • Understand new options added when recording/creating a video of your presentation.

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Parking Lot Questions

  • Can you export ONE slide with a recording in it to use in a different PowerPoint presentation?
    YES, you can! You can import a slide from one presentation that has a recording into another. (Not sure how to do this? See this article for the steps, https://www.tech-talk.com/powerpoint-using-slides-from-other-presentations.html)
  • Is the video recording option only on Desktop Version?
    Yes, recording a presentation is NOT possible in PowerPoint for the web.
  • Can you remove the camera recording of you on a slide in the EDITING? At this time it looks like the audio narration and video are grouped together, so you cannot delete just the video. You can, however, just re-record the one slide without your camera turned on.
  • What if you don’t see the feature in your software?  For instance, you may be in Onedrive, Teams or Box and not have the choice. NOTE:  Each of these are storage tools. You need to be using the PowerPoint software, and be within the PowerPoint presentation itself, for the options to show.  In some cases, especially in the school and academic worlds, some features may not have been automatically loaded into your computer. If you don’t see what you need, explain to your IT person and see if they can authorize it on your PC.