Imagine having your members tell you every week how much they appreciate the service you’re providing them — with

the knowledge of how to improve productivity the ability to use technology smartlythe resources available to them so they can help their libraries prosper, with free and low-cost online tools.

Debby Emerson, Assistant Director
Rochester Regional Library Council

LISTEN to what…Deborah Emerson,  Assistant Director, RRLC
has to say about
(A 60 second video) is a skill-developing membership program so that individuals (like your members) can use computers at work more productively and efficiently.

It has three parts…

1.  Tech-BYTEs: Snappy, useful tools and technique sent in your email each week.

2. Tech-TOPIA: Skill-building articles and videos for Windows, Office, Internet … available 24 X 7.

3. Tech-QUESTIONs: Personalized answers to problems and training requests on any topic.

Take a look at all the categories of topics you can give your member libraries.  Check out all the LINKS in the panel on the right.  You’ll find FREE STUFF, all the archives, and see what this resource can do for you and your members.

CALL OR EMAIL now to arrange your personal tour of the productivity membership.  It’s free.  See if this is the budget-saving technology training tool you’ve been looking for!

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For just pennies a personget the best in online help and technology training.

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