[COMMUNICATE] How many different types of tasks do you do in your job? If you list them, I bet there are many … maybe more than you realize.

Most people have some things they like to do and do better than other tasks they are responsible for. Evaluating what you do is a good step to knowing where you want to develop, for your current job and your future.

A simple tool you can use is the “Do Well and Like Quad.” This is made up of four boxes where you list the different types of things you do (or could do). You break them up into four categories:

  • Like to Do and Do Well
  • Like to Do, but Don’t Do Well Yet (great development area)
  • Don’t Like to Do, but Do Well (may be able to move this to someone else)
  • Don’t Like to Do, and Don’t Do Well (have a chat with the manager about this)