coach giving encouragementThe Story of MO (Win as the Executive, Riptorn as the Manager / Supervisor, and Val as the Employee) has been published in over 50 different industry journals.

The topic …. ‘organizational indifference.’

This is what happens when the “VALs” in the company aren’t being listened to, aren’t being included in the big picture, aren’t being respected for adding value to the organization.

True Story. A month after the articles were published we received a phone call from an engineer in California. He said…

“I saw your topic in ‘Facilities Engineer’ and I really liked it.
But there was one thing you said that
would have to be changed for our environment. 

You had a quiz, with the question,
How often do you receive praise at least once every seven days?’

In our world, you would want to ask,
‘How often do you receive praise at least once every seven years.’

When we tell the story in person, people tend to laugh. Why? Because it is so sad, yet so real.

You don’t have to be a Riptorn (manager) to give praise. You can take the lead in your group to make sure that everyone’s ideas are heard and considered. You can put forth the praise (privately and in a team setting).

Ask Yourself

  1. How well do I observe when others do great things, have creative ideas?
  2. How often do I give praise? What can I do to make this a habit?