No one wants to plow through a free image site that is peppered with ads and other traps. And you don’t want to use a graphic that has royalty/copyright protection.

So where do you go?

In this webinar, we’ll show you…

  • 20 + ways you can find an amazing variety of good images (static and moving).
  • How you can use an image you have in multiple places.
  • Clever things you can do with images to strengthen your communications.
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Parking Lot Issues

Q:  How can I get the new image categories in the Microsoft Office Suite … regardless of what software version I have?

No matter which version of MS Office you may have, or if you only use the Google Suite, you can still get access to the new image categories we talk about for webinar items #1 – #7 (icons, cutout people, stickers, cartoon people, illustrations).

How?  Sign up for a free Office 365 account!

  1. Open an Incognito (or Private) browser window.
  2. Go to Office.com
  3. Click on “Sign Up for the free version of Office”
  4. Use a personal (non-work) email address (required)
  5. Go through the few setup steps.  Voila!  You have access to the MS Stock Images.

NOTE:  Yes, there are lots of images in the free account!  And there are even more in a Premium Office account.

TIP:  Learn more about free versions of Office 365 in the Tech-Talk Database.  Search for: free office 365.

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