Welcome to our Tech-Talk “family”!

Running a Trial or Pilot of Tech-Talk?

Here are some example emails notes to introduce it and get feedback.

  1. Short and Sweet.  1. Example email.  (Download)

2. Longer Note (more explanation) 2. Example email.

Ready to Get Started with Tech-Talk?

Here are four (4) steps to help you when launching this new service to your list.

Step 1:  Co-Branded Logo, Text and Email Contacts.

Send the image you want in your co-branded section, along with the text, to DebDavis@tech-talk.com.

Here are some examples. Examples of Co-Branding Text

Also, give us two email addresses from your organization that will receive Tech-Talk each week.

Step 2:  Introduce Tech-Talk to Your Folks.

Tell people Tech-Talk is coming.  Here are some ideas.

Tech-Talk – Introductory Email Content … a word document to use as is, modify or select phrases.

Step 3:  Choose How To Send Tech-Talk to Your List.

Select the method you will be using to send Tech-Talk to your list.

You have options!  Take a look at the advantages of each alternative below.

A. Constant Contact

When to use this method:  If you want to see how many folks open Tech-Talk each week … and even who opens it, Constant Contact is your best choice.

How it works:  We associate our Constant Contact account with yours, so that each week we move the articles right into your slot.  You then send them to your list(s).

If you need to OPEN a Constant Contact account, CLICK HERE to sign up.  All accounts start as a free, no obligation, no payment trial.  Later you will be given options for price.  Non-profits typically get a 30% discount.  (Contact Billing@constantcontact.com). Plus, let us know you’re joining our partner program at support@tech-talk.com.

If you HAVE an account, get this document and follow the instructions.

B. Listserv or Google Group

When to use this method: You already have your names in a listserv so that people are expecting to receive communications this way.

How it works:  We send you the Tech-Talk for the week.  You will forward the email as you would any other to your listserv (the formatting stays in place), but first, scroll down to the very bottom of the Tech-Talk and delete the “unsubscribe” and “update profile” lines of text.  This way no single reader can inadvertently unsubscribe the entire list.

C. MailChimp 

When to use this method:  You have been using MailChimp as your method of communicating to your list.

How it works:  We send you Tech-Talk each week.  You forward the email as you would any other to your MailChimp account.  The formatting stays in place.

D. Your Regular Email

When to use this method: If your list is very small, under 40 names.  When you have larger lists, the internet requires that you use a “broadcast” tool.  Otherwise it thinks your mailings are spam.

How it works: We send you the weekly Tech-Talk. You chose the regular forward email feature, add your names and hit send.

Do you have another way you’d like to use?  Let us know and we’ll help!

Step 4:  Avoiding IT Filters.

How to ensure that Tech-Talk gets to you each week and is not stopped inadvertently by an IT filter.

Occasionally, the information technology filters are set to inadvertently block email from email broadcast tools such as Constant Contact.

In this case, talk to your IT people and tell them that you are not getting the weekly Tech-Talks from Constant Contact.

Here are details that will help your Information Technology department resolve this issue.  Typically doing just #1 works.

  1. Whitelist on Your ServersClick HERE.
  2. ISP to Stop BlockingClick HERE.