German Xmas Letter2019-02-01T16:32:55+00:00

Once again, I visited my favorite candy shop where they make all their sweets.  Just walking in and smelling the wonderful chocolate is a treat.

We didn’t make our annual trip to Dixon this summer.  The Vermont house sold suddenly and we needed to be out of the house the same week we usually go to Dixon.  We missed seeing Richard, Jessie and all the family.  Gary kept the property across the road from the house and may put something very small there next summer. 

We also had to cancel a March trip to Phoenix to see my sister.  We had a huge storm and lost power for more than a week.  No planes were leaving Rochester and we couldn’t get a ticket on any other flights even days later. 

We did manage to make a driving trip to Georgia and Florida in May when our youngest grandson, David, graduated from high school.  We stopped in Atlanta, Georgia on the way where Jake goes to college and spent a fun day with him.  We also drove down to Sarasota, Florida to visit a friend.  Can you even imagine making such a long driving trip?????

Since I did not get to see my sister in March, I flew to Phoenix in November.  She and I drove to California where our aunt lives and had a wonderful visit with her for several days.

All four of us are relatively healthy, with just the usual aging aches and pains.  Richard is still working hard keeping all the Dixon men’s hair looking good.  Jessie had minor surgery a few weeks ago and is doing great.  Gary is still packing up the car and driving back and forth to Randolph every few weeks staying with friends. 

We send a very Frohe Weihnachten and a Prosit Neujahr to our German family.