Show off a variety of key metrics on one page. Includes:

  • Variety of dashboards and their uses
  • Using slicers for analysis
  • Creating dashboards quickly
  • Finding free templates and examples

NOTE:  The Parking Lot question is answered just below the video.

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Parking Lot Question

Can slicers pull from multiple charts?
Can slicers pull from multiple worksheets?

Answer:  Yes, using the Report Connections icon, you can have a slicer control multiple pivot tables on a dashboard—but only if all the pivot tables are from the same data set.

  • Click on the slicer … this creates a “Slicer” tab in the navigation.
  • On that tab, find the Report Connections icon and click.
  • Check all the boxes for the charts you want to connect to that specific slicer.
Slicer choices of charts