survey[LEADERSHIP] Whenever you hold a program, present a talk or offer a course, you’d like to know how satisfied attendees are, right?

Of course, we all love to get high ratings so that we know our hard work was appreciated.

Here is a one-page form (Word or PDF) that gives you state-of-the-art questions and a rating format that is designed specifically to get the kind of information you can really use!

Sure, you want to know you did a bang-up job, and everyone loved it. That’s wonderful, but usually, you don’t know what to repeat to get the same results next time. Was the high score because of the speakers, the time of day, or the food?

If you want to be able to build on your successes and continue to knock the ball out of the park, you need to know the delta (what caused the gap between how they rated the session and perfection).

Yes, even if they rated it a 3 on a scale of 1-4, when you find out one thing that would get it to a “4”, you will know, definitively, what to do differently. And you can then determine if that is a change you want to make.

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Additional secrets for a strong evaluation form: