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Hey everyone, here are some resources are for you to use, as you introduce Tech-Talk to your folks and encourage them to use it frequently.

About Tech-Talk

ONE SHEET DIRECTIONS:  1. Download a document, customize it for your organization.  2. Be sure to put in the links and info for your organization. 3. Save it as a PDF 4. Share it with everyone.

  1. About TECH-TALK

POWERPOINT DIRECTIONS:  1. Download a presentation. 2. Customize it for your organization.

  1. About Tech-Talk


  1.  About Tech-Talk (to come soon)

IMAGES:  Use any of these images and graphics to  share Tech-Talk with your folks.  Right click on the image and “Save as”.

  1. Publication / Newsletter


GO TECH-TALK CHAMPIONS:  You’ll find recorded sessions and highlights of the monthly “Go Tech-Talk” Champion shared sessions.

  1. First Champion Group Call:  Thursday, January 17th, 2:00 pm Eastern (proposed)