Organize Your Desktop and Files

These best five (5) articles will help you create folders and sort files so that you won’t waste time looking for important documents. 

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Article #1. How You Can Get Organized With New Folders

You need folders for sorting files.  Create new ones and stack them within each other. A simple, but important step.

Article #2.  Understand How to Navigate in Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is a powerful tool for finding and organizing documents, files and folders.  Once you understand how the information is displayed — and know a few simple rules for moving within it — you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Article #3.  Where to Find a Document When You Need It

If your files are a mess and you have trouble finding the documents that you need quickly you’ll see some basic concepts that can simplify your digital filing system.

Article #4.  When and How to Move and Organize Files Easily

Your system of saving documents can get out of hand quickly if you’re continually adding to folders and not modifying your hierarchy once in a while. It may be time for a quick file clean out! Find out how, here.

Article #5.  How To Pin Frequently Used Folders

Have you ever wished that you could magically click once or twice to get to the folder that you wanted, rather than having to go through many of them (one inside the other) to get to the one you need?

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