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Basic EXCEL Techniques

These best five (5) articles give shortcuts to working in your spreadsheet more easily by the use of headings, copying formulas and sorting.

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Article #1. How to Have Headings on Every Page

Nothing is more frustrating that having so much data in a spreadsheet that you can’t see the names at the head of the columns and rows.  Use this technique to have this key information stay at the top and side, regardless of where you are.

Article #2. How to Copy Formulas in One Stroke

You create a formula in one column.  Instead of retyping it in all the cells below, use this quick trick to make copying a formular a breeze.

Article #3. How to Adjust the Width of Columns Easily

No matter what spreadsheet your start with, you’re going to want to make the columns a different size. The same may be true of the rows.  You can use this method to get exactly what you want in seconds.

Article #4. How to Sort A Spreadsheet Without Messing It Up

If you’re not careful, when you want to sort data by a column or a row, you can disorient all the data instead of keeping everything together.  The trick you learn in this article will prevent that disaster.

Article #5. How to Get to the End of Your Spreadsheet

Sometimes spreadsheets get very large.  When you want to highlight all of your data, you need to find the very last cell.  This technique will help you do that quickly.

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