[COMMUNICATE]  Sure, we suggested last week that you “take out words” in your writing … that you should go back in an email, report or presentation and remove any text that wasn’t really necessary.

This time, we’re telling you the opposite! What gives?

Actually, both techniques work … and are used in two different types of situations.

When we talk about going back and adding words, we’re thinking about the times when you want to engage the reader. You want to sound conversational. You want to add a few words that they wouldn’t expect in writing, but they might hear if you were just talking to them.

You see it here, in this article. We added the words “sure” (1st para), “what gives” (2nd para) and “actually” (3rd para).

You see how it softens the text? Be brave and look for ways to more fully engage your readers when you’re writing to them buy adding some informality in your words.