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Thanks for Your Interest

We’re very excited about this new A-Squad!  We’re building a TEAM!

It’s an elite group of Tech-Talk fans who like calling other librarians. We give you the names and contact info … people who already get (and love) Tech-Talk.

The job of an A-Squad member is to call a library director or manager from a list we give you. You’ll talk to people in organizations who already have Tech-Talk for the staff.

You ask them if they would like to set a time to see the new features in Tech-Talk and the options they have for giving it to their patrons (or students).

YES, this is an extra money opportunity for you because we pay big commissions (for the booking, the sale, and the ongoing revenue each year when they renew).

YES, we train you, help you, tell you what to say and more.

YES, it is a part-time involvement: 2 hours per week (4 calls) or more. Your choice.

YES, we make calls in all US times zones … and later, as you feel more confident … around the world.

What Would I Do?

  • Choose a list of leads.

  • Get simple facts about the library.

  • Call the contact listed.

  • Send a follow-up email.

  • Document in 2 places.

How Would I Make $$?

  • $25 for attended demo.

  • $25 bonus for a new subscriber.

  • 30% of new subscriber revenue.

  • 15% of recurring income.

What Are the Key Metrics?

  • Average length of sale: 2.1 mo.

  • Average subscriber revenue: $712

  • Average percent of sales per demos: 32.6%

NOTE:  These numbers can vary significantly per squad member’s level of success.

What Does It Take To Be Successful in the A-Squad?

A Business Opportunity, Not Quick Money

If you’re looking at this opportunity as a way to make some extra money to pay bills, this is not it.  Think of the A-Squad as more of an entrepreneurial offer … as if you were starting your own business … but with a kickstart!  You need…

Starting a BusinessJoining the A-Squad
  • Cash to invest
  • A product to sell
  • Marketing materials
  • Website developed
  • Equipment and tools
  • Consultants and training
  • Build a lead list
  • Sell product and close
  • Billing and collection processes
  • Time to realize a profit (1-2 years)
  • No cash investment required
  • Tech-Talk is the product
  • All materials you need are provided
  • Website provided for you
  • Web tools and access given to you
  • Training and processes included
  • List of leads provided, with contact info
  • Selling done for you
  • Billing/collection done for you
  • Time to realize a profit (1-2 months, based on how much time you invest)