1. Do First

Designate a Tech-Talk Champion  (to send out newsletter) and put Tech-Talk on your website.

2. Inform Staff

Tell staff about Tech-Talk, showing them the “3 Steps to Get Started”. Use team meetings for 1-minute tips.

3. Get Lists

Send the Tech-Talk newsletter to everyone who would like to continually learn about technology.

4. Pick One

Share a single idea or feature in the Database to get everyone excited about logging in and telling others about it.

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Want More Ideas?

There are many different ways you can spread the word … everything from press releases,
bookmarks and brochures to social media, live calls and more

See the Tech-Talk Strategic Planning for Engagement Mindmap

Would You Like Some Help?

We’re happy to help you in any way we can.¬† We customize, hold special webinars and create new solutions.

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