[AI] It seems like almost every day you hear about new tools using artificial intelligence in innovative ways to help you be more creative and productive.

If you’re new to this AI world, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In fact, we have a whole section in Tech-Talk dedicated to learning about AI at https://www.tech-talk.com/ai. You can read articles, view a webinar, and find links to AI tools. We’ve also simplified these resources in a free AI Checklist. Download it here.

As a review, a simple explanation of Generative AI is that it is a type of artificial intelligence that can be used to create new text, images, videos, and more. You ask it a question or give it a task, and it doesn’t pull articles and information from the Internet for you to comb through … instead, it responds to your inquiry and gives you original content as if you’re speaking to an expert on the subject.

For instance, you can ask an “AI Chatbot” (like ChatGPT) to revise the title of an article to make it more exciting … or request that it explain a complex topic at a 3rd-grade reading level.

So now that you have a basic understanding, let’s dive into some creative ways you can use this technology!

Find Innovative Ways to Use AI in Your World

When you’re logged into an AI platform like ChatGPT or by opening the Microsoft Edge Browser and in the upper right corner clicking on CoPilot (that uses Bing Chat AI technology), you can type in a question, inquiry or request (they’re now called “prompts”)… for information. TIP: See this article if you need help getting started.

First, a few options for writing good “prompts”:

  • Be specific so that the results will be more targeted to what you want.
  • Specify the output format by asking for a certain number of tips, a bulleted list, the output in a table format, etc.
  • Clarify the response length by indicating the number of characters, words, or sentences if needed.
  • Ask for multiple revisions after the initial response so that you get more options.

TIP: With any AI-generated text, we recommend that you:

  • Fact-check it like you would in any other research.
  • Use the information as a reference to create your own. Even though you can use AI-generated content as your own, doesn’t mean you should.

Now let’s get to the good stuff! Here are some topic ideas to get you thinking…


  • Give a topic name and request an outline for an article so that you have the framework. Example prompt: Write an outline for an article giving tips on email productivity.
  • Request help with your writing or editing by pasting in an article and asking for edits.
  • Get help in writing a poem or song. Example prompt: Write a 12-line poem on Fall.
  • Paste in an article or paper you wrote and ask it to give you a summary paragraph or title.
  • Request some stats to support your upcoming presentation. Example prompt: How much time does the average office worker spend on email each day?



  • Ask it to describe concepts in layman’s terms or at a lower reading level. Example prompt: Give me a 6th-grade-level description of Thermodynamics.
  • Paste in foreign text for instant translation to hundreds of different languages.
  • Ask for the origin and meaning of a word, title or place.



  • Describe a product or service and ask for a name suggestion.
  • Give a description of a class or webinar and request a fun, eye-catching title.
  • Type in a social media post and ask for a creative and fun re-write.
  • Copy in the text of an email and request for a compelling subject line.
  • Go to an AI image creator like https://www.bing.com/create and ask for a specific picture to be created that you can’t find in stock photo sites.

Career Changes

  • Paste in one of your prior job descriptions and request for it to be updated in today’s terms.
  • Enter your work experience, education, skills and achievements, and ask for a resume to be created.
  • Request a list of typical job interview questions in your field so that you can practice.


  • Ask for questions to create a trivia game based on a book, theme, or genre. Example prompt: Give me 10 trivia questions based on the book “Of Mice and Men”.
  • Request a list of engaging board games that build skills in math or language.
  • Ask for a story starter about a specific type of character for students to complete.


  • Ask for social media post ideas based on an event, service or product.
  • Describe a person and ask for gift ideas.
  • Use it to get ideas for a party theme including menu, decorations, and entertainment options. Example prompt: Give me a party theme for the holidays.



  • Ask for some team-building or ice-breaker questions.
  • Request how to be more environmentally friendly in the workplace.
  • Prompt for tips on negotiation skills and strategies.
  • Request useful TED Talks to watch. Example: Tell me which TED Talks are useful for developing leadership skills.
  • Ask for time management or work-life balance tips.

You get the idea! Just try any type of question or prompt and see how AI can help you!