We Arm Students, Patrons and Busy Professionals
With the Missing Technology (and Communications) Skills
They Need to Achieve Excellence in the Workplace

Tech-Talk is a premier collection of articles and videos, written each week
by top training experts for busy professionals and aspiring students.
It helps people stay up-to-date in using technology and
become better communicators in the workplace.

Make a Bigger Impact on the People You Serve by
Using All Three Ways to Provide Tech-Talk

Surprising You With New Ideas Each Week

Fresh articles and videos emailed weekly (52 times a year) introducing new ways to use technology at work and communicate with co-workers.

Up-To-Date and Relevant Topics for Success

Highly accurate library of technology and communication articles and videos. Fresh content added each week so it’s current, relevant and useful at work.

Quick and Easy Access To Common Challenges

A professional development tool that provides continuous engagement and easy access to technology and communication skills.
computer screen with two women

In-Depth, Assorted Interactive Classes

Engaging sessions with the participants responding throughout to increase retention and usefulness.

Take a Look at These Areas Your Students, Patrons and Members Will Find Useful




  • Email

  • Excel

  • Google

  • Graphics

  • Hardware

  • Internet

  • Mobile

  • PowerPoint

  • Software

  • Video

  • Windows

  • Web Design

  • Web Tools

  • Word

  • Trust

  • Listening

  • Vision

  • Priorities

  • Focus

  • Respect

  • Lead

  • Engage

  • Respect

  • Believe

  • Talking

  • Writing

  • Listening

  • Presenting

  • Meetings

  • Email

  • Phone Calls

  • Social Media

  • Interactive Skills

  • Principles

  • And much more…


Who Uses Tech-Talk To Help Their Organizations?

Schools and Education Service Providers

Schools and Education
Service Providers

Be Known as a Premier
Learning Resource 
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Library Databases

Public Libraries &
Academic Institutions

Give Patrons, Students, Alumni
A Competitive Edge at Work
Learn More
Teams and Individuals

Teams & Individuals
In the Workforce

Build Confidence,
Skills and Self-Reliance
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Raising Leaders Tech-Training Service is a program that brings students of all ages together with community members who want non-techie computer training to better their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tech-Talk?2018-12-10T20:32:52-05:00

Tech-Talk is an inspirational, educational and motivational learning resource about technology and communications for non-techies.  It’s designed to help everyone at work feel like a hero.

It features three components.

1. Tech-Talk Publication … articles written in-house on: 1) a variety of technology topics (Microsoft, Google, Internet …. Graphics, Video, Social Media, etc.) and 2) communication tips (talking, writing, presenting and more).  The publication is sent out weekly to subscribing organizations, who then forward it to their  respective list(s) of members, users and subscribers.

How do you get the publication? If you want the Tech-Talk newsletter, make sure you’re on the subscribing organization’s list.


2. Tech-Talk Database … 967+ technology and communication posts, sorted by category and skill level, available 24 x 7 x 365 to answer problems and suggest innovative solutions.  The database is dynamic with the new publication articles added each week, along with maintaining a constant vigilance to ensure every item is up-to-date and current.

How do you get access to the database?  Go to Tech-Talk.com. Click on Member Login. Use the Subscribing Organization’s username and password.


3. Tech-Talk Mobile App … Every user of a subscribing organization can download the mobile app and have this handy content at their finger tips throughout the day. It’s provided as part of the subscription.  Both Android and Apple platforms are supported. The app is available for smartphones and tablets.

How do you get the mobile app? Find Tech-Talk in the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android Marketplace). You will have a one-time login required. Use the subscribing organization’s username and password.

TIP:  There are NO individual user accounts … each subscribing organization has ONE username / password for everyone to use.


Do you provide MARC records for cataloging?2018-12-10T20:33:30-05:00

Yes, we can provide MARC records for adding each individual article to your catalog.

How is Tech-Talk different from Lynda.com?2018-12-10T20:33:58-05:00

Tech-Talk and Lynda.com are complementary products. Lynda.com offers a vast array of courses on all types of topics for individuals looking for training. Tech-Talk, on the other hand, pushes out micro-training on a singular topic each week to introduce ideas which most folks did not know existed.

  • This new and freshly-written material feeds our specialized, up-to-date database of 867+articles and videos, helping individuals be more effective in the workplace.
  • Our corresponding mobile app gets more people engaged and allows immediate access to solve workforce challenges.

Tech-Talk pricing is pleasingly different as well.  We want Tech-Talk to be a household name in the workplace … and a client forever … so the cost reflects that. In this initial phase of roll-out for the Database Package, we work with you individually to find a price that slips easily into your budget so that hardly even notice it.

How do you handle authentication?2018-12-10T20:34:24-05:00

We work closely with each institution to ensure authentication meets your requirements. We also provide you with an auto-login link that you use throughout your website so that users click just once to discover this gift you’ve offered.  We also make it easy for students, alumni and patrons to login from wherever they are online.

Can alumni and patrons use the Tech-Talk Database at work?2018-12-10T20:34:49-05:00

Yes, these workplace skills (technology and communications) are available to your organization’s students, alumni and patrons for as long as the Tech-Talk license is active. People can log into the Database from any online location or look it up on their Mobile App.

Is each article and video unique or are there multiple articles on the same topic?2018-12-10T20:35:12-05:00

Every week a new and current article is written (in-house) on a unique topic.  There are no duplicates.  Occasionally there will be an article that adds more detail to a previous one or shows another slant for using a particular feature.  When that occurs we refer the reader to the companion article as well.

Our Wide Variety of Topics Offers Something for Everyone

Tech-Talk covers a large number of subjects … from Microsoft Office to Google
… and everything in-between, all designed to help busy professionals and students
increase their effectiveness in the workforce.


What Students Say

“What I liked, and learned most, from Tech-Talk this month was the importance and proper use of graphics. Nowadays a lot of students use graphics knowingly and unknowingly! A fun fact I learned was the correct pronunciation of the word ‘GIF’!  I was saying it wrong the whole time. I think a lot of students share my lack of knowledge and will be excited to learn about graphics.”

~ Randi, a Warner University Student

“My favorite Tech-Talk so far is “Make Your Key Message POP”. I like to play around with text and photos in PowerPoint a lot and I felt I’ve gotten everything I could from it, but I didn’t know I could do things like that! It’s a fun way to keep my presentation clean and still catch an eye.”

~ Brooke Ann, a University Student

“In the communications tip on ‘How Can I Make You Smile’, the emphasis was on positive communications and the effect that it could have. This is very relevant, especially in the college environment where you are running into people every day.”

~ A University Student Review

What Subscribers and Users Say

Tech-Talk's Award-Winning eNewsletter
Makes You A Hero Every Week

We Create Content

Every week, we create articles and videos for: 1) the Tech-Talk PUBLICATION that is pushed out to organizations [as micro-training], and 2) the Tech-Talk DATABASE that resides as a premier learning resource (for on-demand training). 

It's Co-Branded

We co-brand each product: 1) Publication, 2) Database, and 3) Mobile App using the organization's name and logo so that users are continually reminded of who has provided this professional development resource to them.

You Get Rave Reviews

Yes, there will be times when people will come up to you or send a note telling you how much they liked the information you've given them.  They'll tell you stories of what they've learned and how it has helped.

Pricing You Just Can't Beat

Choose One of the Two Packages Below for Cost Options


For Continuing Education Providers...
a push training product

  • We add your organization's name and logo
  • We email articles/videos to you each week.
  • You forward them to your list
  • People see this publication comes from you.
  • You get the appreciation and thanks!
See Publication Pricing


images and text for articles

For Public and Academic Libraries...
a training-on-demand product

  • We create a one-click login just for your organization.
  • Your institution's name and logo is "front and center".
  • Students, patrons, alumni login from anywhere.
  • Individuals search the database to solve problems.
  • Faculty and trainers use the content to enrich studies.
  • Everyone continually sees this resource is from you.
  • You get the recognition and gratitude!
See Database Pricing


For All Tech-Talk Users...
an easy-access and engagement tool

  • Individuals download the Tech-Talk app for free.
  • Users get notices as new content is added, weekly.
  • Engaging activities keep individuals coming back.
  • Logging in, people see your institution's name and logo.
  • All content and search features are available.
  • People have access at all times: work, home and play.
  • Individuals recognize this gift is from you.
  • You get the approval and thanks!
See Mobile App (Included with Subscription)

"One the Tech-Talks I reviewed would appeal to a majority of students in this day and age.  This is the one on media and safe sources for background music. With a lot of individuals making YouTube videos, this is very useful because it helps prevent copyright issues and avoid problems."

~ A University Student Review


Founders' Message

Linda Keefe

In our 57 years combined of technology training experience, we've dedicated ourselves to creating relevant and useful content to help aspiring adults and youth succeed in the workplace.  We really want to bring tools and techniques to libraries and other educational organizations, so that your students, patrons and members can develop confidence, self-reliance and pride as they become smart, tech-savvy non-techies.

Deborah Davis

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