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From Google to Microsoft, learn better ways of using technology

Students gain a competitive edge, higher grades and better jobs

Providing Tech-Talk through the library as a database supports class assignments, research reports and term projects.  Plus, the Tech-Talk mobile app keeps the institution top-of-mind every week so when it’s time for donating, graduates are more generous.

Articles illuminate and educate

Scanning, reading or watching the matching video opens busy professionals’ eyes to whole new ways of using technology.

Inspire educators with supreme confidence using technology

Tech-Talk arms educators with knowledge and skills to be more inventive with digital solutions to support learning for their students.

The mobile app helps these busy teachers stay up-to-date and relevant so that their pupils can thrive in school and life.

Any place, any device

At home, at school or on the road, Tech-Talk reaches out to people with fresh skill development ideas that make computing a source of pride. Desktops, tablets and smartphones all provide ready access to this useful, and eye-opening, information.

Arm the workforce with better ways to use technology, increasing efficiency

Providing Tech-Talk to local, state and federal government workers builds confidence, expertise and self-reliance so the organization can benefit from their enhanced skills.

Publication + Database + Mobile App

Fresh material, developed each week, is sent to subscribers and added to the specialized database for people who work with computers. Notifications are pushed out through the mobile app so that everyone has immediate access.

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