Computer Training Online

Do you want to improve your personal productivity … with Word, Excel, Outlook and more?

Take a look at the tools, techniques and tips that we have designed specifically to help YOU be very successful at work.

Whether it’s for you or your organization, will introduce you to new and better ways to increase productivity — with computer training online.

With . . . is a skill-developing membership program designed to help individuals (like you) use computers at work.

It’s for folks who need to use their time and resources efficiently. It has three parts…

1. Tech-BYTEs: Snappy, useful tools and technique sent in your email each week.

2. Tech-TOPIA: Skill-building articles and videos for Windows, Office, Internet … available 24 X 7.

3. Tech-QUESTIONs: Personalized answers to problems and training requests on any topic.

Take a look at all the categories of topics you can give your member libraries. Check out all the LINKS in the panel on the right. You’ll find FREE STUFF, all the archives, and see what this resource can do for you and your members.

For information on group discounts, contact us. And if you are with a library organization, take a look here.

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Increase your productivity with technology …

… Tools, Techniques and Tips!

Technology Training for Productivity

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